Over 7 Billion people on this planet, and just over 9 Million people who speak Hebrew! They say that if you know Hebrew, you can learn any other language in the world.


Becoming one of a selected few
With 30 Hebrew lessons per week, in a Hebrew surrounding environment, you will quickly develop your skills of the language. Our students are divided to small groups according to their Hebrew level, which makes it possible to gain better understanding whether you are a complete beginner, or at a more advanced level. Private tutoring is also available.

It's all about immersion
Our goal is to get you started in Hebrew as soon as possible. That's why learning & living in the Kibbutz is such a huge benefit, since you have an entire community around you, with whom you can speak freely and practice your Hebrew all the time. Whether in the dining room, the grocery store, or in the local residents homes.


But let's let our students speak for themselves.

About us

Kibbutzimer (Est. 2007) offers a Hebrew program for tourists between the ages of 18 and 81 (Minors are welcome with parental advisory only) in Kibbutz Mashabei-Sadeh. We provide our participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Hebrew while experiencing the authentic kibbutz way of life, travelling Israel, and meet people from all over the world!

We are committed to fit the needs of each of our students according to their Hebrew level, from complete beginners to advanced.


We offer full accommodation, 30 Hebrew lessons per week, Travelling weekly, and much more!



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