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Get your Hebrew up & running with Kibbutzimer's Hebrew programs!

Communicate in Hebrew with ease and confidence, thanks to our immersive Hebrew classes: Expand your knowledge from every language level!

Hebrew is what we do best!

If you wish to dive deep into the Hebrew language or just learn it for fun - Let's set up your goals, and achieve them together! Our amazing teachers will walk you through our Hebrew classes, in the perfect environment to learn the language!

Learning with Kibbutzimer gets you:

Learning with Kibbutzimer gets you:

‎ ✓30 Hebrew lessons per week‎ ‎✓Accommodation and meals ‎✓Full flexibility according to your needs and ‎plans ‎✓A personal approach & attention ‎✓ Participate in the Kibbutz activities

Be a part of our Kibbutzimer family

Be a part of our Kibbutzimer family

‎✓Top-notch experienced teachers in ‎Modern or Biblical Hebrew ‎✓Private or group classes ‎✓ Travelling the Negev together ‎ ‎✓Experiencing the Kibbutz way of life ‎✓People from around the world ‎who share your love for Hebrew

All Hebrew levels are available!


Modern or Biblical Hebrew?

Get on board! All the information for our Hebrew programs in Kibbutz Mashabei-Sade is here.

Fill out the form below to receive information on how you can get your Hebrew up & running, and one of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible!

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